Attention ASIAN English students wanting to study in the Philippines. WE have a special promotional study package for GOLDEN WEEK. If you fly to Cebu on Saturday (April 30), you can have a great vacation and study English until May 6! Package includes 6 days and 6 nights in Cebu City!

Sunday May 1 – We will attend an all-day church picnic where you will be able to speak English, make friends, and eat a lot of good food!

Then, starting Monday, May 2, have 4 hours of English study each morning–with American teachers–from Monday through Thursday, followed by sightseeing activities each afternoon. You will visit museums, historical sites, and go hiking in the mountains behind the city! Enjoy eating with the American teachers and staff and practicing your English as you go around the city. While here, you can also shop at two of the biggest malls in Asia!

Then, on AWESOME Friday, you will go “island hopping” – taking a boat out on the sea exploring the reefs and sand bars around the small islands just off the coast of Cebu. Oh! And you will also eat lots of good food and fresh fruit while you are out in the boat!

And after you are exhausted from having so much fun do not worry because we will take you back to the airport on Friday night to catch your plane back home! Best part is that after arriving back hoime, you will still have the weekend to rest before going back to work!

All you need to do to join this is buy a plane ticket with an arrival in Cebu City on April 30 and with a return on the evening of May 6! This year’s Golden Week Program requires a minimum of 5 persons and there is a maximum of 12, so send us a message SOON if you are interested and we will give you the rest of the details and the program cost!

Hurry because Golden Week is just a couple of weeks away!