ETHOS Opens Japan Office!

As a result of negotiations that started back in late 2013, we now have a presence in the great nation of Japan. Our office there handles promotion and sign-up for ESL students wishing to study online via Skype. It also books packages for those wishing to travel to the Philippines and have classroom studies with us here in Cebu! If you live in Japan, you may access our Japanese website or you can go to our Ethos Japan Facebook page!

ETHOS Expanding to South Korea!

We are happy to announce that negotiations have been completed and we now have a formal presence among the wonderful people of South Korea. We signed an agreement with a partner at the end of April and we are preparing to offer BOTH online and stay-in ESL programs very soon! Stay tuned for more details.

“Best Days of Summer 2014” a SUCCESS!

Our 2013 BEST DAYS OF SUMMER! promotional program, last April and May, was such a success that we decided to make it an annual event. Once again, the most popular subjects this year were Japanese and Public Speaking classes! We offer BIG discounts during our summer classes so that it will be easy for students who are out of school for the summer to take classes while on vacation.

ETHOS Teaching Online Classes for Korean Students

Since the last half of 2013, we have been teaching online ESL classes for Korean students needing American teachers by assisting one of the local Korean ESL companies in Cebu. Most of our students have been with workers of large Korean companies like LG, LS, KT and Doosan. Classes are taught in the early mornings and late evenings when we can catch students bnefore or after work! So far, ETHOS teachers have logged over 4,000 classes!

All “STAY-IN” Programs to have “one-on-one” sessions!!

Due to student demand, ETHOS will include 2 hours per day in ALL Groups of ESL students who travel to Cebu and have classroom studies with us. No matter which study option a student chooses (4, 6, or 8 hours per day, or whether you choose an American or Filipino teacher, each and every student will have 2 hours of personal instruction every class day with an ETHOS instructor!

ETHOS Offers HOME STAY housing option for ESL students!

In an effort to give more housing options for our visiting students, we now offer the option of staying with an American family! This option allows Asian students the opportunity to immerse themselves into an American English environment without the high cost of traveling to the US, Canada, or Australia! Space is limited, so get your reservation in quick!