English Language & Speaking Skills:

We have numerous programs that are English based. Our main focus in this area is upon our formal English study program. It has been designed by American educators who have been developing and delivering study materials for people whose English is limited and highly influenced by their native languages.

Aside from the basic English classes, which are available in classroom and online formats, we also have more advanced coaching for various English exams that exist. Training focuses upon listening and reading, but we also have programs for writing and speaking.

We also have a very successful public speaking program, taught by our Founder, who has 30 years of training people to teach and speak!

English Document Services:

In addition to our English teaching, we also offer English document proofreading and editing. We have experienced American editors who will check and polish your important business documents.

Japanese Language Skills:

In addition to English, we also offer our formal Japanese study program. It has been designed by a team of Japanese and Filipino teachers and it is monitored by the Japanese government. We offer basic and advanced studies, including specialized coaching for the JLPT exams.


Productivity in any business is directly connected to the relationship between the management and the workers. That relationship is guided by policies and contracts, which the company puts in place to create a work environment conducive to cooperation and success. However careful owners might be, there are always obstacles and selfishness creeps in like a cancer and prevents the business from becoming all that it COULD be!

Values and Ethics training can help eliminate conflicts between workers, between workers and management, and heal the sickness  of selfishness. We have a program to do this, involving material that is both simple and effective that is based upon the oldest most respected standards known to man!