Do you need help preparing to pass the IELTS, the TOEFL, TOEIC, or any OTHER English proficiency exam?

Our American teachers can help you improve your English!

Our training focuses upon all four of the major test areas (Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing). We have both Classroom and Online study options. Housing is available for out-of-town students! Look below for more details, and if you would like to enroll in our program fill out the enrollment form.

Our rates depend upon the kind of PROGRAM you want and the number of hours you want to study.

  • OPTION 1: CLASSROOM program – This is the best option!
    • Come stay in Cebu and take your training here in our facility. You can study four (4)  hours or six (6) hours per day depending upon how intense you want your training to be.
    • The cost is figured on the number of hours you choose, but if two or more students want to study together then rates for groups are lower.
    • What you get:

      • Personalized coaching from American teachers
      • All printed study material for the course
      • TWO (2) mini-exam exercises each week. (These are shorter versions of the real exams but with half the number of questions in each section.)
      • Special vocabulary studies
      • ONE (1) FULL practice exam every two (2) weeks
    • Enrollment can be as short as 1 week or as long as several months!
    • Affordable housing is available.
    • Contact us for more details!

  • OPTION 2: ONLINE program – 1 hour classes on Skype.
    • The cost of this program is figured on a per-lesson basis with a minimum of 3 lessons per week for at least 4 weeks! (12 hours)
    • What you get:

      • Twelve (12) one-hour SKYPE sessions of personalized coaching from an American teacher
      • All study material for the training course
      • EIGHT (8) mini-exam exercises! Two exercises each week! (These are shorter versions of the real exams but with half the number of questions in each section.)
      • TWO (2) FULL practice exams at the end of every two weeks
    • We recommend daily classes, but minimum commitment for participation must be three (3) 1-hour classes per week, for four (4) weeks (a total of 12 online-hours of study).

FREE ASSESSMENT before you decide!

Because this is a big commitment and because progress is not a simple matter of having classes, we will give you a FREE assessment test before you decide to hire us! We can see your current proficiency level compared to the score
you need to make on the test. Then we can estimate how long we it will take you to advance from where you are now to the level you need. We will compute the cost and present everything to you as a package. Then you can decide whether or not you want to enroll in our program.


1. How long should the training course take to prepare you for the test?

The length of study depends upon how far away you are from the required level and how hard you are willing to work.

2. Is this your first time taking the test?

If you have never taken the test before, we recommend at least one month of study so that we can help you understand the different parts of the test you are going to take and give you some experience answering sample questions.

If you have taken the test before and have a score, report to us your exam score details, along with the details of the score you would like to achieve on the test when you take it again, and we will make a recommendation for how long we think you should study before taking the test again. Depending upon how close you are to the level you want, the duration could be as short as a few weeks, but please do not be surprised if we recommend a longer study because it is NOT easy to QUICKLY increase one’s proficiency!

3. If my English is better, won’t that mean that I will need less study time?

It may be hard to accept, but statistics show that while progress in learning English is easy in the early stages, once you are able to speak in good English sentences, progress comes slower and is more difficult than you might think. The more that you know, the more that you do NOT know! Think of
mastering English as being like clearing trees from a forest to make a field. When you first begin, each tree you remove makes the space bigger and the change is very easy to see. Increasing the size of your clearing by a few square meters does not require much time or energy because the result can be achieved by removing only a few trees. However, the larger the cleared space becomes, the more time and energy it requires to make the space larger! This is because there are many trees that need to be removed to add a meter to each side of the field and the progress is not as easy to see! It is the same with achieving proficiency in English!

The British Council, which has collected information on ESL studies for years, indicates that it takes about 180-200 hours of study for a new learner to achieve the lowest rating (A1) on the European scale. If a person wanted to achieve this goal in a month’s time it would require 40-50
hours of study per week! The Council also suggests that progressively LONGER study durations are necessary to achieve higher levels of proficiency! This means that it could take YOU a LONG TIME to achieve the proficiency level you seek! The more that you know of English, the more you do NOT know – and HAVE TO LEARN if you want to be proficient! This is what makes learning English so frustrating. Please remember that native English speakers were BORN into speaking English and most have also studied English in school for 12 years or more! Learners can achieve fluency if they are willing to work long and hard!


If you want to “pass” the test, and do it the first time through, you need to find a training center that you can trust. Follow the prescribed program and
accomplish all of the outside assignments. If you are willing to work, then you will achieve your goal. However, you cannot RUSH the process. You cannot CRAM for these exams, especially if you must take the academic version of the test. If success is what you want, then you supply the patience and hard work and we will supply the program and guidance!

Our assessment will be accurate, our program will be adequate, and our native speakers will make the difference! Perhaps the greatest problem ESL students have is the difficulty in finding native English speakers, who can give practice and instant feedback! While it is possible to get online instruction with a native speaker, nothing is better than having a real person with whom you can spend and talk to without time limits. We have American plenty of American native speakers here in ETHOS who can study with you in the classroom or online! Come get your training from us!

Regardless of which study OPTION you choose, we know that you will benefit from the time we study together.

How to sign up for our IELTS/TOEFL/TOEIC Preparation: Click on the Request Class button below and answer all the questions. Once we receive your request, we will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your schedule for assessment. Once we receive your payment we will start your training.

Note: If you choose OPTION 2 and do not have SKYPE, you can download it FREE at . Register an account and send us your SKYPE name so we can find you.

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