ETHOS Passes TESDA Inspection!

TESDA logo smallOn Thursday, March 3, 2016, after several months delay, we received our TESDA facility inspection. The inspectors were very professional and they really liked our facility. They commented that it was very clean and well constructed. They congratulated us and said that our official certificate will be ready within 10 days! This is the final step in the process of becoming registered as an authorized language school in the Philippines. We are trying to register two language programs! One is American Conversational English and the other is Basic Japanese.

We are excited because now that we have TESDA registration, we can include this information in all of our promotional material! Our next goal is to have Bureau of Immigration registration so that we can offer longer term student a Special Study Permit (SSP). We also plan to register with the Department of Tourism so that word of our school and programs will spread farther and quicker in the future.