ETHOS Secures NEW Contract to Conduct Phone Classes for TURCK Korea!

In mid-2017, ETHOS secured a 6-month contract with a Korean company, TURCK Korea, to provide daily 10-minute phone classes to all company employees! At the end of the contract, December 2017, the company decided to renew for an additional year, six months at a time! We are happy and excited to continue providing the great people at TURCK Korea with personalized English conversation lessons conducted by our American teachers!

ETHOS offers classroom studies, as well as various online class options, which include classes using Skype, Line, WeChat. We have individual audio-only and individual or group (up to 3 students at one time) video class options. Online classes can be 10 minutes, 25 minutes, or 50 minutes in length and we can meet daily, or as many times per week as needed. Students purchase online class time in 100-minute blocks. The more of these 100-minute blocks you purchase at one time the more money you can save!