Changing people’s habits to fit HIS standards!

Barry MurrellIn ancient times the Greek word ETHOS meant CUSTOMS or HABITS! We chose the name ETHOS for our corporation because we are a service company that specializes in helping people change their habits.

Our name is an acronym and stands for Ethics To Help Others Succeed! Everything we do is designed to help our customers become better people and make a positive contribution in the world around them. (We all know the world could use more of that, right?)

Our help could take the form of anything from teaching VALUES and ETHICS, to speaking better English, or perhaps learning a new language–like Japanese! We will do whatever we can to help! We believe that the Good Lord intended for people everywhere to be good, honest, decent, productive, and helpful folks and that the main reason why the world is such a scary place is because too many people have gotten away from HIS plan. We want to change this by helping people LIKE YOU!

So whether you are looking to fulfil your dream of getting a better job, or speaking better English, or if you are a business owner with 10,000 employees looking for a way to get your staff to be more respectful to the company and become productive, if it is a better life you want then why not contact us TODAY? We can help you get the results you want!

This is our promise to you!
Barry D. Murrell – Founder and Program Director