ETHOS receives good reviews!

WOW!!! In the last quarter of 2015, representatives of the prestigious Japanese blog site Phil-Portal paid a visit to ETHOS. They wanted to see if what they had heard about the quality and friendliness of the school was really true. They wrote a series of articles about what they found and it became one of their most popular articles.
They returned earlier this month and told us about the response. They asked if they could come again and get some additional information so they could write another article. We what to thank Kouta and his crew for taking time to see our program and to experience what ETHOS has to offer. If you want more details about us, and you can read Nihongo, go check out the articles!

NEW Intern from Korea!

In the last quarter of 2015, ETHOS started accepting people for internships with the company. Our first intern was Junki Ozeki, from Japan. He was with us for six months studying English and helping us with our Japanese language program.

As Junki was preparing to leave, we were preparing to welcome Jo Munheyong, from South Korea. Mun will be staying with us for three months, during which time he will be studying English and helping to set up a Korean language department here at ETHOS.

We are excited to have Mun with us. He is an energetic young man who wants very much to help others and he has a great desire both to teach and to learn!

ETHOS Passes TESDA Inspection!

TESDA logo smallOn Thursday, March 3, 2016, after several months delay, we received our TESDA facility inspection. The inspectors were very professional and they really liked our facility. They commented that it was very clean and well constructed. They congratulated us and said that our official certificate will be ready within 10 days! This is the final step in the process of becoming registered as an authorized language school in the Philippines. We are trying to register two language programs! One is American Conversational English and the other is Basic Japanese.

We are excited because now that we have TESDA registration, we can include this information in all of our promotional material! Our next goal is to have Bureau of Immigration registration so that we can offer longer term student a Special Study Permit (SSP). We also plan to register with the Department of Tourism so that word of our school and programs will spread farther and quicker in the future.

ETHOS Wins 2nd Award!

ASIA PACIFIC EXCELLENCE SEALAfter picking up an award for “Best Career Enhancement Training Specialist” in the Philippines, ETHOS had been chosen as an award recipient for the 26th ASIA PACIFIC EXCELLENCE & ASIAN SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AWARDS. The Asian SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AWARD is Asian Consumers Grand Tribute to Outstanding Products / Companies, as well as

OUTSTANDING ASIAN ACHIEVER in Arts & Entertainment, Public & Humanitarian Service, Sports, Business & Entrepreneurship and other major professional fields based in of the countries within Asia-Pacific Region, including the Philippines.

We thank our staff and clients for this because without you folks, we could not be a success!

ETHOS Chosen as “Best Company” Awardee for 2015

ETHOS was recently chosen by the Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence as “Best Career Enhancement Training Specialist” award recipient for 2015. These annual awards are given to companies that have met the criteria and qualifications based on consumer survey and market research conducted by the National Data Research Examiner ETHJOS quality seal!& Marketing Service Inc. This is a joint undertaking by the Golden Globe Awards Council, the National Data Research & Marketing Service, Inc., the Philippine Best Companies.Com, Inc., the SINAG News Magazine, and the SINAG Foundation, Inc.

It is an honor to be recognized in this way since our main goal is to provide services and training to help people become better equipped to expand their careers and achieve their dreams!

We have been telling you that you do not need to worry about value and quality if you study at ETHOS! Now its “official”! Check out our programs!

What is ETHOS Language School?

ETHOS is a language school that is located in the Philippines. Here at ETHOS, you can study English with American teachers.  They are ready to listen and help you improve your English.

You can also study Japanese here at ETHOS. Our teachers have the skill and teaching experience to help you. We also have many Japanese people studying English. You can speak with Japanese native speakers!

We’ve had students from many countries! If you need language training, contact us today!

ETHOS Opens Japan Office!

As a result of negotiations that started back in late 2013, we now have a presence in the great nation of Japan. Our office there handles promotion and sign-up for ESL students wishing to study online via Skype. It also books packages for those wishing to travel to the Philippines and have classroom studies with us here in Cebu! If you live in Japan, you may access our Japanese website or you can go to our Ethos Japan Facebook page!

“Best Days of Summer 2014” a SUCCESS!

Our 2013 BEST DAYS OF SUMMER! promotional program, last April and May, was such a success that we decided to make it an annual event. Once again, the most popular subjects this year were Japanese and Public Speaking classes! We offer BIG discounts during our summer classes so that it will be easy for students who are out of school for the summer to take classes while on vacation.

ETHOS Teaching Online Classes for Korean Students

Since the last half of 2013, we have been teaching online ESL classes for Korean students needing American teachers by assisting one of the local Korean ESL companies in Cebu. Most of our students have been with workers of large Korean companies like LG, LS, KT and Doosan. Classes are taught in the early mornings and late evenings when we can catch students bnefore or after work! So far, ETHOS teachers have logged over 4,000 classes!