“Best Foreign Language School” in the Philippines!

ETHOS is the best foreign language school in the entire Philippines according to Asia Pacific Insider magazine, a UK based business magazine.  You can click here to go to their press release. You can click here to see our page on their award website. Click here to see a news article from the Cebu newspaper Sun Star!

It is always an honor to be recognized. Come study English or Japanese in our award-winning programs.

Asia Pacific Insider Business Awards for 2018

ETHOS Adds a Dormitory Housing Option!

ETHOS has always offered to arrange housing for its students. In fact, our HOME-STAY housing, where students stay in the homes of our American teachers, is our most popular housing option. (Home-stay with American teachers in the Philippines is something that is very rare!)

We have decided to return our DORMITORY housing option, beginning April 1, 2018 – no fooling! Students rent bed space in an apartment that if fully furnished, with a complete kitchen, air conditioning, purified water to drink, and hot showers! The cost is cheaper than HOME-STAY, and students can cook in the dorm!

So if you want to study with us but you are on a budget, please consider staying in our dorm. It is safe, and only a couple of minutes walk from the front door of the school!

ETHOS Secures NEW Contract to Conduct Phone Classes for TURCK Korea!

In mid-2017, ETHOS secured a 6-month contract with a Korean company, TURCK Korea, to provide daily 10-minute phone classes to all company employees! At the end of the contract, December 2017, the company decided to renew for an additional year, six months at a time! We are happy and excited to continue providing the great people at TURCK Korea with personalized English conversation lessons conducted by our American teachers!

ETHOS offers classroom studies, as well as various online class options, which include classes using Skype, Line, WeChat. We have individual audio-only and individual or group (up to 3 students at one time) video class options. Online classes can be 10 minutes, 25 minutes, or 50 minutes in length and we can meet daily, or as many times per week as needed. Students purchase online class time in 100-minute blocks. The more of these 100-minute blocks you purchase at one time the more money you can save!

ETHOS Expands to China and Russia!

2018 began more than just a bang to ring in the New Year! ETHOS inked contracts for representation in two additional countries: China and Russia. This brings to four the number of countries where ETHOS now has a dedicated marketing presence, which adds considerable BANG to our expansion efforts! We want to extend our reach to as many countries as possible! It is exciting to think of future multinational classes made up of students from Japan, Korea, China, and Russia, learning English from American teachers and sharing friendships and cultures with one another! Wow!

You can go to the Russia website by clicking here.

ETHOS Upgrade for English Program!

ETHOS wishes to thank all who have recently asked about our English study programs. We are honored that you are interested in our school. We are currently upgrading our programs to make your study experience even better! Unfortunately, this process will require us to stop receiving new study reservations for a few days. We apologize for this inconvenience. We will begin accepting new reservations for study on May 19th. In the meantime, contact your local ETHOS office if you have any questions. Thank you for your patience!