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Our US teachers work hard to make your study experience great!

If YOU want ONLINE ENGLISH we make it easy for you here at ETHOS. We offer several options, and all online English courses are taught by our experienced and friendly American teachers who have thousands of hours of online teaching experience. 

Do you want MAN-TO-MAN or GROUP?

Our ONLINE classes can be MAN-TO-MAN classes or GROUP. The prices for MAN-TO-MAN classes are almost double the cost of GROUP classes. However, GROUP classes require at least two (2) students. Therefore, you may have to wait a while for a group class until other students contact us.

Option 1: English Online “FREE TALK” Classes

In FREE TALK classes, we can study anything you like. We can have discussions about different topics in each class meeting, or we can study through English material that you provide, or we can even use ETHOS study material. You decide what we will do in each class meeting.

1) 10-Minute FREE TALK Classes

This is a good option for busy people who do not have time for longer classes. You can still practice speaking English with a native speaker, who will listen and give suggestions for improvement. Just like physical exercise, you will be surprised by what speaking 10 minutes each day can do for your listening and speaking skills. However, because these classes are so short, there is no GROUP option available. 

In addition, you can set the frequency. Study every day, or several times each week, or even just once a week if that is all the time you have available. The more you use your English, the better you will speak! 

Therefore, if you want the 10-minute class option, just email us. Tell us the the number of class meetings you would like to purchase. The more classes you buy at one time, the more money you will save. We will send you a quotation.  After we receive your payment, we can begin your study.


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2) 25-Minute FREE TALK Classes

The 25-minute option is popular. It is not too short, but not too long. This is good for younger students who might not have the concentration for longer classes. In addition, it is long enough for us to have several activities in one meeting. We have some very good material for this kind of class. 

MAN-TO-MAN class is no problem, however, if you would like a GROUP class please remember that we require at least two (2) students. Therefore you may have to wait a while until other GROUP students contact us, and so choose MAN-TO-MAN if you wish to start right away!

Therefore, if you want the 25-minute class option, just email us. Tell us if you want MAN-TO-MAN or GROUP, and the number of class meetings you would like to purchase. Remember, the more classes you buy at one time, the more money you will save. We will send you a quotation.  After we receive your payment, we can begin your study.  


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3) 50-Minute FREE TALK Classes

This option is for people who want a more formal study. Remember that the more time you can study English, the better you will speak. A 50-minute class once or twice a week will greatly help your English.

Once again, please remember that GROUP classes require at least two (2) students, and you may have to wait a while until other GROUP students contact us. And so if you want to begin as soon as possible then choose MAN-TO-MAN!  

Therefore, if you want the 50-minute class option, just email us. Tell us if you want MAN-TO-MAN or GROUP, and the number of class meetings you would like to purchase. Do not forget that the more classes you buy at one time, the more money you will save. We will send you a quotation.  After we receive your payment, we can begin your study.  

Option 2: English Online “MASTER COURSES”

Aside from FREE TALK classes, we also offer our award-winning classroom courses for online study. We call these our MASTER COURSES, and they are the exact same courses that students at ETHOS study, but we teach them online using ZOOM.

With the exception of Public Speaking, which has only 12 lessons, each MASTER COURSE has 20 lessons and can be taught to beginner, intermediate, or advanced students.

Our MASTER COURSE program is very flexible. You can study one course or as many as you want. In addition, if you complete a course at a certain level, and want to continue that topic at a higher level, all you need to do is pay for another 20 lessons! We will increase the level of the material and go as far as you want.

1. American English Pronunciation

Many languages have the five vowels A E I O U, and most languages have only one sound for each. However, in American English those five letters can have up to 16 different sounds and some of those sounds are the same as in your language. Improving your English pronunciation will help you be better understood by native speakers. You can learn the sounds of American English taught by our American native speakers!

The course will begin with the basic sounds of the English alphabet and then proceed to study the long vowel sounds and the short vowel sounds. We will also teach you how to figure out the pronunciation of any English word using the Webster’s Dictionary pronunciation guide. It is easy once you learn what the symbols mean. Once you finish the basics, you will go on to the more challenging sounds that English learners face. In addition, you will have a lot of repetition drills. Once you become skilled enough, your teacher will challenge you with reading assignments and tongue twisters! We will work on your weak areas to help you make progress!


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2. American English Grammar

“If you do not know the rules you cannot win!” This applies in games and also in learning languages. Grammar is the one topic everyone hates but is actually the most important course we offer! Our grammar course is very different from the ones in most other English schools. To begin with, we do not use a very thick textbook. Our native speakers developed our course based upon their years of teaching experience.

We only teach the grammar that you need so that you can improve your English! There is a lot of homework, but we guarantee that you will improve your English!


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3. American English Conversation

This course is also very popular. You will use your English in every class. We guarantee that this course will help you become more confident in speaking English!

This course forces you to use YOUR English! Our American teachers have organized different activities that have been proven to help everyone improve their speaking, no matter what their English level might be.

Each lesson has a different topic. The study begins with a list of vocabulary words for the topic, then there will be some photos to describe, and then we will go on to some discussion questions on the topic. Finally, each lesson ends with a selection of common idioms that have some connection to the topic.

In each activity, you will use your English and your American teacher will help you understand any mistakes and give suggestions for your improvement.


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4. Reading American English

We know that it is often difficult for you to understand English speakers when they are talking. They often speak so fast, right? You want to speak, but it is hard when you don’t understand everything they are saying. You want to ask them to repeat what they said, right? But, you cannot because you do not want them to think that you do not understand. It is a difficult situation. Well… READING can help! 

Reading is like listening to someone speak English. However, if you read something and you do not understand, you can read it again and again until you DO understand.

Our reading course will help improve your understanding of English. Your teacher will go as slowly as needed so that you can improve your understanding AND your speaking!


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5. Writing American English

When you have a conversation with an English speaker, it is difficult to decide what to say, and there are many mistakes. Right? All our American teachers understand what you are feeling because we also have studied other languages. 

Our writing course will give assignments to write things in English. You will have time to think carefully and decide the correct thing to write. Your teacher will help you understand mistakes and show you how to write better.

If your English writing improves, your speaking will also improve!


6. Public Speaking

Even with good English, it is not easy to speak with confidence. This is not uncommon. Even native speakers often have difficulty speaking to others, and especially when speaking to groups of people. Improving your speaking skills will make you a more confident person and that will help you feel better about yourself, and be able to speak up and make your opinions heard!

Our Master Course on Public Speaking will help you accomplish this! You will learn how to organize your thoughts, prepare, and deliver presentations that will inform, entertain, and persuade. Our instructors have decades of experience speaking in public and training people in public speaking.

This course has 12 lessons and each one must have enough time for each student to make their speeches, which means that class meetings can last from 1 to 2 hours, depending upon the number of students.

If you need to improve your confidence, even if your native language is English, our Master Course on Public Speaking will help.


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Here is some very IMPORTANT information!

  • Any course you choose can be a MAN-TO-MAN or a GROUP study.
  • If you want the GROUP online English price, there must be at least TWO (2) students.
    • You can tell us that you want a group class, and we will let you know when other students are interested.
    • Then we can make the schedule, and you can pay.
    • Once all students in the group have paid, the class can begin.
  • GROUP classes will have a maximum of six (6) students.
  • Each MASTER COURSE lesson is designed for 50 minutes per class meeting.
  • MAN-TO-MAN online English classes cost almost double the price of GROUP classes, but you will be the only student and will have an American teacher all to yourself! That can help you improve a lot!

Here is something else to think about…

  • Choose any one of these online English courses or study more than one course at a time!
    • You can even take our 4-hour or 5-hour program online!
  • If you complete a course and wish to continue studying the same subject, we have two more advanced levels for each course.
    • Each advanced level is another 20 lessons.
    • The cost for the additional levels will be the same.

How we teach our online classes…

  • Classes are only taught on weekdays (that is Monday through Friday) and we prefer to teach them between the hours of 0800 AM Philippine time up to 2200 PM Philippine time. 
  • We have a very good internet connection here at ETHOS and we use ZOOM for all our ONLINE classes. Therefore, you will need to set up a ZOOM account.
  • Before you pay any money, we will contact you to set up a schedule for your classes. Once we make that schedule it will be difficult to change it.
  • We have rules for attendance, so be sure that you are willing to attend your classes before you pay.
  • Contact us for more details.

Enroll and get a FREE ONLINE English TRIAL Class!


  • Click on the red  Request Class button below, answer all the questions, and then slick “Submit”.
  • Once we receive your request, we will contact you to schedule your FREE 25-MINUTE class.
  • We will conduct your FREE class on ZOOM and answer any questions you might have about our courses.
  • After your FREE class, if you decide to take a course, we will send you a billing invoice.
  • Once we receive your payment, we can begin your study!

Note: If you do not have Zoom account, you can download it FREE from their website. Register an account and contact us so we can study with you!

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