Facilities at ETHOS


We are located on the southern side of Metro Cebu City. Our school is at the corner of Eucalyptus Street and Cebu South Road in Basak San Nicholas.

Our school facility has two floors and contains five (5) classrooms, two (2) restrooms, a library and student lounge, and an infirmary.  We have a registered nurse on staff at all times and a doctor on call 24 hours a day.

What is nearby?

We are near two small shopping centers just one block away from the school. We have a McDonald’s and a Jollibee on the next block and there are several other restaurants close by. There are a couple of laundry service shops less that a block from school. We are just 5 minutes away by vehicle from the very large SM Seaside mall that has everything you could ever want or need! The highway that runs in front of the school is the main road that runs through the city. Taxis, jeepneys, and busses can easily be taken to any place in the city that students might like to go.

What about housing?

We have THREE basic housing options to choose from. Each one has different arrangements for food and prices vary.


You can choose to stay in our dormitory. It is a rented apartment and can house up to 10 people. It has different rooms so that we can house both men and women at the same time. There is one shared bathroom with hot water in the shower. There is no food included in our dormitory housing packages, but the dormitory has a complete kitchen where students can cook for themselves. Students can choose a private room or they can choose to have a room shared with several others.

Option 2: HOME STAY

We also have several “home stay” rooms located in various teachers’ homes nearby. These let students experience living with English 24/7, as if they are in the USA! Students can choose a private room or they can choose to have a room shared with several others. Breakfast on weekdays is included in the home stay packages, but lunch and dinner, and breakfast on weekends and holidays, are not.


If you would rather stay somewhere else, there are a number of options to choose from. However, none of them will be as close to the school, or as inexpensive as staying in our housing! Contact us for more details about outside stay facilities.

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