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To receive your Free 25-Minute Online Class, we need a few details about you. Please fill in the form below and click the SUBMIT button located at the bottom of the page. Once we receive your information, one of our American teachers will email you to arrange your free class.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you send us this form, you are NOT making a commitment to pay anything! You MUST be at least 15 years old to enroll in our courses here at ETHOS. For online classes, you must use a ZOOM account. Please remember that the 25-minute class is FREE! After the free class, if you decide that you want to continue your online English studies with us, then simply tell us which study option you want and we will send a billing invoice for payment! There is NO PAYMENT for your FREE 25-Minute Class!

To order your FREE 25-Minute Class, please enter your contact information below, and please be sure to fill in all the spaces.

18-25 26-39 40+

      10-Minute English Free Talk 

      25-Minute English Free Talk

      50-Minute English Free Talk

      Master Courses:

      American English Pronunciation 

      American English Grammar 

      American English Conversation

      Reading American English  

      Writing American English  

      Public Speaking

After completing the form above, please read the Privacy Statement below and when you are done click the “SUBMIT” button to send your request to us. Thank you!

ETHOS Privacy Statement: Here at ETHOS Language School, we take the privacy of our customers very serious and we will NEVER give or sell your personal information to anyone! We will only use the information you provide in this form to contact you for your Free 25-Minute Class and after the free class, if you do not wish to continue studying with us, we will delete your personal information from our records.   

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