Japanese Language Study Program

The ETHOS Japanese training program covers writing, simple grammar, vocabulary, and speaking skills. It is designed to bring students to a Level 5 rating of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. (JLPT) We also have additional modules that will take students from JLPT 5 up to Level 4, and another set of modules that can take students from Level 4 up to Level 3.

I. Outline of major topics for the Japanese Language Study Program

  • Japanese Writing

    • Hiragana and Katakana Writing and Pronunciation
    • Basic Kanji (for JLPT N5)
  • Grammar and Sentence Structure

    • Comprehensive grammar study on the parts of speech
    • Verb conjugation and rules and the study of Japanese particles
  • Vocabulary Drills

    • In accordance with the JLPT N5 required vocabulary accumulation of 800 words
    • Drills through flashcards and video clips
  • Phrases and Greetings

    • Audio and video drills of Japanese phrases illustrated by a native Japanese speaker
  • Japanese Culture Study

    • A brief study of the Japanese culture
    • Talking with Japanese individuals

Note: Students will have assignments and examinations. There will be 150 hours of classroom instruction and you must also accomplish at least 10 hours per week of self-study to effectively learn the language. Lessons are patterned after the Japan Foundation and the Japan Information and Culture Center (JICC) standards, as well as the Ethos Corp standards of quality.