Online English CLASSES

Our US teachers work hard to make your study experience great!

If YOU want ONLINE ENGLISH we make it easy for you here at ETHOS. We offer several options, and all online English courses are taught by our experienced and friendly American teachers who have thousands of hours of online teaching experience.

Read about our options below and contact us if you are interested in starting a study.

We will even give you a FREE CLASS. (See details at the end of this article.) 

Option 1: MAN-TO-MAN “FREE TALK” Classes

Online English Free Talk means that we can do whatever YOU want during the classes. We could have conversation, or study vocabulary words, or whatever you want. Just tell us what you want and we will create lessons.

In class, we will help you understand ways to speak better English. Free Talk classes can be 10-minutes, 25-minutes, or 50-minutes per lesson. You can study as often as you like.

WAIT!!! We also offer FREE TALK in GROUPS!

Would you and a group of friends like to practice your English with an American speaker? We can do this with FREE TALK. You can arrange a time when the group can meet online with one of our American teachers and practice your English together! It would be like meeting an American at a coffee shop and speaking English. You can talk about anything you want and the teacher will help you speak better English. GROUP Free Talk classes can be 25-minutes, or 50-minutes per meeting and you can meet as often as you like.  GROUP rates are cheaper than 1-ON-1, but there must be at least two people to in the group. 

Option 2: You Can Study Our Classroom Classes ONLINE

We have a more advanced study option for you to consider!

You can study THE SAME COURSES we teach in our classrooms here at ETHOS in Cebu City, but you do not have to leave your home country!

Choose from these Online English courses.

  • American Pronunciation

This is our most popular course! You will learn the difference between how you say things in your language and how Americans say things. It will help you to be better understood when you speak with Americans!

  • Conversation

This course is also very popular. You will use your English in every class. We guarantee that this course will help you become more confident in speaking English!

  • Grammar

No one likes to study grammar, but this is the most important course you can study! The most common mistakes made by students are grammar mistakes. In this course, your American teacher will help you get a much better understanding of the rules of English. This will help you a lot!

  • Reading

We know that it is often difficult for you to understand English speakers when they are talking. They often speak so fast, right? You want speak, but it is hard when you don’t understand everything they are saying. You want to ask them to repeat what they said, right? But, you cannot because you do not want them to think that you do not understand. It is a difficult situation. Well… READING can help! 

Reading is like listening to someone speak English. However, if you read something and you do not understand, you can read it again and again until you DO understand.

Our reading course will help improve your understanding of English. Your teacher will go as slow as needed so that you can improve your understanding AND your speaking!

  • Writing

When you have a conversation with an English speaker, it is difficult to decide what to say, and there are many mistakes. Right? All our American teachers understand what you are feeling because we also have studied other languages. 

Our writing course will give assignments to write things in English. You will have time to think carefully and decide the correct thing to write. Your teacher will help you understand mistakes and show you how to write better.

If your English writing improves, your speaking will also improve!

Each of these five courses has 20 lessons. Each class lesson is 50 minutes. The course you choose can be a MAN-TO-MAN or a GROUP study.

MAN-TO-MAN online English classes cost almost double the price of GROUP classes, but you will be the only student and will have an American teacher all to yourself! That can help you improve a lot!

This is very IMPORTANT!

  • If you want the GROUP online English price there must be at least TWO (2) students.
  • You can tell us that you want a group class, and then we will let you know when other students are interested.
  • Then we can make the schedule, and you can pay.
  • Once all students in the group have paid, the class can begin.
  • GROUP classes will have a maximum of six (6) students.

Here is something to consider…

  • You can choose to study any one of these online English courses.
  • If you complete a course and wish to continue studying the same subject, we have two more advanced levels for each course.
  • Each advanced level is another 20 lessons.
  • The cost for the additional levels will be the same.

Option 3: Take Several Courses At The Same Time!

Here is very good idea for you! If you have time, why not take more than one of our courses at the same time?

You can study any 2 of the courses, any 3 courses, any 4 courses, or even all 5 courses if you like! You choose any combination you want.

Consider this…

  • If you have friends who also want to study English, you can create a GROUP class and study all the courses you wish. You can be ONLINE classmates together!

Option 4: Preparing for English Tests

We have a fourth online study option.

Do you need help preparing for an English exam, like TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, or one of the others?

We can help you prepare for the listening, reading, speaking and writing portions of any exam. This study option can only be MAN-TO-MAN. Tell us what you need and we will create a series of lessons to help you prepare for what you need.

Each class meeting can be either 25 minutes or 50 minutes.

You must buy 10 lessons at first. You can add 5 to 10 more lessons if you need more training.

How you pay for your courses…

  • For Options 1, 2, and 3, you can buy lessons in sets of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 class meetings.
  • For Option 4, you must start with 10 lessons.
  • You must pay for your lessons in advance with a credit card.
  • Just tell us how many lessons you want to buy. We will send you an email with a payment invoice. It will have all the details. Just click the link in the email to make your payment.
  • You can save money if you buy MORE LESSONS in one payment.
  • As soon as we receive your payment, we can begin our classes.

How we teach our online classes…

  • There is a very good internet connection here at ETHOS!
  • You must use Zoom and Skype for our classes. So, you will need to choose one of them for your study.
  • We will work together to make a schedule for your classes before you make any payment.
  • Once we make that schedule it will be difficult to change it.
  • We have rules for attendance, so be sure that you are willing to attend your classes before you pay.
  • Classes are only taught on weekdays (that is Monday through Friday) from 08:00 AM Philippine time up to 21:00 PM Philippine time and we will schedule your classes within those times.
  • Contact us for more details and prices.

Your First ONLINE English Class is FREE!

 How to sign up for ONLINE ENGLISH CLASSES:

  • Click on the Request Class button below and answer all the questions. Once we receive your request, we will contact you to schedule your FREE 25-MINUTE class.
  • We will conduct your FREE class on SKYPE or ZOOM and answer any questions you might have about our courses.
  • After your FREE class, if you decide to take a course, we will send you a billing invoice.
  • Once we receive your payment, we can begin your study!

Note: If you do not have Skype or Zoom account, you can download either of them FREE from their websites. Register an account and contact us so we can study with you!

  to submit an ONLINE English Class request!