VALUES in the Workplace

If you own a business then you know that if the workplace environment is not harmonious then your “bottom line” can suffer greatly. Morale can be low and you will experience a high employee turnover rate, costing the company a lot of money in retrenching and training costs! ALL businesses in the Philippines face the same problem to one degree or another, and it is not necessarily a problem with your business model, or the wage scales of the employees, and it may not even be your company policies!

If you really want to know what the cause is all you need do is look around you. Look at the WORLD around you! What do you see? It is a place where EVERYONE is encouraged “to be individuals”, “to defy ALL authority!” In essence… everyone is encouraged to BE A REBEL!

Since your employees are under the spell of selfishness it is naturally difficult for you to get them to leave this philosophy behind when they “clock in” and then work as a cohesive group during the 8 hours that you have their loyalty! After all, who are YOU to them? You want their loyalty… They want your money! They think you are only out to exploit them… YOU want them to understand your “dream” and JOIN IN IT by working as a team!

So… What CAN you do? Our work as missionaries showed us that all people are BASICALLY selfish because the world has shaped and molded them to be that way. However, we also know that no person HAS to be this way. We also know that anyone who wants to can CHANGE! Most people simply fall under the influence of the world because they are ignorant of the good they are capable of becoming. They have no INTEGRITY because they have no VALUES or ETHICS.

Here is where we come in. Hire us to come to your place of business and train your people in the simple values and ethics that God says in the Bible. Once we remove the ignorance and establish a standard that can help bring stability and justice into your company things WILL change! Why? Because it is not something that YOU will create. It is not FROM YOU… or FROM MANAGEMENT. The standard will come from a higher power, one which we all know about but few people have ever actually studied!

We believe that if you let us come in and establish a foundation of values that come from God that this will create a new beginning for you and for your business. If you take it seriously and work to keep that foundation solid it WILL SOLVE your integrity problem.

Just so you will not misunderstand, we are NOT saying that you must enact “religious policies” at work or have Bible studies. This is of course up to you, but this country is filled with businesses who have these religious activities in the workplace and most STILL suffer from a lack of integrity among their employees! The only way to solve these problems permanently is for people TO CHANGE! This means that there is no QUICK FIX for this. If you hire us it will need to be for a long enough duration for the cumulative effect of the material to produce the results.

We have a 2-year curriculum designed to be studied just once each week for about 40 minutes per class meeting. It works best if we can have employees in small groups.

Here is our offer… Hire us for three and a half (3 1/2) months and then evaluate our results and see if there has been any progress. If not then FIRE us! But if you like what you see then we can contract for the rest of the program.

Why continue hoping for a miracle, and yet suffer disappointment after disappointment?

A lasting solution is possible, that can make your workplace a better more productive place!

Our program is designed for once a week classes taught in YOUR facility to small groups of mixed employees (workers and managers together). All training materials are included in the price and we can accommodate anywhere from 10 to 10,000 employees!

Contact us and we will pay you a visit. We will bring you a syllabus and talk to you about scheduling and pricing. (You are under no obligation to purchase anything if we come visit.)


The ETHOS Corporate Values training program has seven PHASES. Below you will find a brief outline of the major topics in the program.

Phase 1: Authority in our lives!

Duration: 14 weeks = 12 weeks of material, with weekly graded assignments, and 2 exams – at the 7 and 14 week points.

Phase 2: VALUES: as taught by Jesus 1

Duration: 18 weeks: 15 weeks of material, with weekly graded assignments, and 3 exams – at the 6, 12, and 18 week points.

Phase 3: VALUES: as taught by Jesus 2

Duration: 27 weeks: 24 weeks of material, with weekly graded assignments, and three exams – at the 9, 18, and 27 week points.

Phase 4: REAL ETHICS: Applying what we have learned

Duration: 14 weeks: 12 weeks of material, with weekly in-class discussion assignments, and 2 exams – at the 7 and 14 week points.

Phase 5: Putting it all together… like a PUZZLE!

Duration: 7 weeks: 6 weeks of material, with weekly graded assignments, and 1 exam at the end.

Phase 6: The TRUTH about COMMITMENT!

Duration: 14 weeks: 12 weeks of material, with weekly in-class discussion assignments, and 2 exams – at the 7 and 14 week points.


Duration: 14 weeks: 12 weeks of material, with weekly in-class discussion assignments, and 2 exams – at the 7 and 14 week points.

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SUGGESTED SCHEDULE: We recommend a schedule where we shift the entire company work force through one lesson per week in small groups of no more than 15 people per group. It would be good to have a mixture of management and employees in each group.