Outside Stay Housing

At ETHOS, we have our own Home Stay and Dormitory housing options. These shared housing options let students stay as close as possible to the school! However, if students want to stay outside, they are welcome to stay at any of the hundreds of hotels in the city. The only consideration that must be kept in mind is travel time in getting to school each day at the scheduled starting time. Students must not be late.


We have several nearby tourist hotels, called Pension Houses, that are much cheaper than regular hotels. They do not have “room service” or swimming pools, but they have clean rooms with air conditioning, hot water showers, internet, and are usually good for two students per room.


The most popular outside housing option is staying in a “share house” near the school. They have individual bedrooms with bathrooms. Most also will have a kitchen that can be used use by the students. The share houses we use are within walking distance of our school, and are safe, clean, and nice. They also have internet.

Most of this kind of housing will have a spacious living room area where students can relax and study.

There will usually be a nice dining area that can also be used for study as well as for eating.

Bedrooms will be large enough to accommodate two students, each with his/her own bed. Roommates will be of the same gender and no outsiders or fellow students, other than roommates, will be allowed in the rooms! Most owners do not allow smoking or drinking alcohol inside rooms.

Each bedroom is equipped with cable TV and most will also have Wi-Fi access.

Most rooms have private bathrooms with a toilet, lavatory, and shower.

Some places even have a kitchen, where students can pay an optional daily fee to use it, and there are two large supermarkets close to the school.

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