Online English Cebu: Enhanced Program

With the COVID-19 virus locking down many countries, and forcing residents everywhere to remain at home, if you are not “teleworking,” finding something to occupy your waking hours has become something of a challenge. If you have binge-watched every show on Netflix, and you are tired of surfing the same websites over and over again, why not consider improving your English? We now have an ENHANCED Online English Cebu program!

Same quality English program…


You can break the monotony and study the ETHOS award-wining classroom study program ONLINE!

Were you thinking about studying English in Cebu, but can’t now because of COVID-19? Enroll in our formal ENHANCED Online English classroom study program and study 4 hours per day or 5 hours per day without leaving your home! (Check out our English Program details for the specific details of our 4-hour and 5-hour classroom study program options.)

We can connect with you through the internet using ZOOM and our American teachers can take you through the same material you would study if you were here with us in our classrooms.

One-on-one or group online English options…

Choose one-on-one or group studies! With a one-on-one class program you can have more flexibility with the schedule. Group class schedules are fixed and must be followed, and they have a maximum of six (6) students.

One-on-one classes cost twice as much as group classes but you will have your own individual American teacher! To qualify for the group rate, there must be at least three (3) students in the class. You will receive either 4 or 5 hours of study per day, depending upon the option you choose, and this will happen five days per week, which works out to 20 to 25 hours of study per week! (We require a commitment of at least 2 weeks of study.)

Regardless of which option you choose, your study schedule will start on a Monday and end on a Friday. You can easily pay for your study using a credit card. 

No Cebu travel or housing expenses…

It will cost a lot less because you don’t have to worry about air transportation and visas expenses coming to the Philippines, or about housing and food. You will get the same quality instruction, with American native speakers, but all you pay is the tuition!

Consider our Online English Cebu option for spending your time during this COVID-19 quarantine period and contact us today! It might just change your life!

Email us at for more details!