ETHOS Language School

An American school with native speakers located in Cebu City, Philippines

Language Courses at ETHOS

Our American English programs have teachers who are American native speakers. We can help you improve your listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills. If you want to improve your English conversation skills for travel or social reasons, or if you need to improve your English for work or school, we can help!

We also have a very good Japanese language program. There are many good job opportunities for Filipinos in Japan, but they MUST KNOW THE LANGUAGE! Our teachers understand what is needed to learn Japanese, and they are ready to help YOU. We offer everything from basic conversation to advanced language courses, including specialized coaching for the JFT and JLPT exams. For the JLPT, we can go as far as N3.

You can study in-person with us at ETHOS in our classroom program, or you can take classes online using ZOOM.

We offer MAN-TO-MAN (which is one student with one teacher) and GROUP classes. All group classes (in-person or online) have a maximum of six (6) students in one room. We use ZOOM for our online classes.

We also offer a very generous DISCOUNT POLICY for students who want to refer their friends. The more friends who enroll at one time, the more money you can save!

(Click the link below in "Policies" section at the bottom of the page for more details.)

You can pay with Cash, G-Cash, Pay Maya, or with a credit or debit card. Please read through our PAYMENT POLICY for details about payments, cancellations and refunds. (That policy has been translated into Japanese and Russian.)

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