ETHOS Language School

An American school with native speakers located in Cebu City, Philippines

Help People Make Changes for the Better!

Greeks sacrificing a boar

In ancient times the Greeks had a word “ETHOS” that meant “customs” or “habits”! We chose the name ETHOS for our corporation because we offer services that help people make changes in their lives.

ETHOS is an acronym and stands for Ethics To Help Others Succeed! Our goal is to help our customers become better people so they fulfill their dreams and help make the world a better place.

Our mission is to do whatever we can to help you make changes in your life because we believe the Good Lord intended for people everywhere to help others. The main reason Our Founder and Program Directorwhy the world is such a scary place is because too many people think only about themselves. We want to change this by helping people LIKE YOU!

So whether your dream is getting a better job, or speaking better English, or leaning a new language, contact us TODAYand see what we can do to help! I guarantee that we can help you get the results you want!

This is our promise to you!

Barry D. Murrell – Founder and Program Director

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