ETHOS Language School

An American school with native speakers located in Cebu City, Philippines

ETHOS Discount Policy

At ETHOS, we want to help students save as much money as we can. To do this, we have several discounts built into our pricing system.

Discounts available for Japanese studies

Our Japanese study programs have a fixed number of lessons.

Discounts available for English studies

Our English study programs have mixed types of lessons.

Here is how the discount works!

EVERYONE in a group can save money!

This creates an opportunity for everyone in a group of friends to enroll at ETHOS and save money! For example, let us say a student wants to enroll a friend in a JLPT module.

We can do this for both ENGLISH and JAPANESE courses and for both CLASSROOM and ONLINE studies! Contact us in the space below for any questions you might have.

Got a question or a comment?

If you want more information about something or have something to say, just submit the short form below. We would like to hear from you.

In most cases, you will receive a response within 24 hours. If you really want a quick reply, and you are in the Philippines, include your phone number in the message and we will call you!

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