ETHOS Language School

An American school with native speakers located in Cebu City, Philippines

ETHOS Privacy Statement

At ETHOS, we believe very strongly in each customer’s right to absolute privacy. We never share our customer’s personal information with anyone.

All personal information we collect is necessary for ETHOS to provide the service being purchased by the customer. It is entered, stored, and accessed through a computer database, which is wholly owned by ETHOS and located in ETHOS computers that are secured inside our home office, in Cebu City, Philippines.

We do NOT use any commercial cloud companies for the storage of either company data or the personal data of our customers because we cannot be certain of the level of security, who has access to the information, or what might be done with the information. In reality, we know absolutely nothing for certain!

Our database is kept safe in our servers here at ETHOS behind firewalls and encryption. We have staff members who routinely maintain the database to make certain that the data remains intact, and that no hackers have breached our security and taken any information. We know exactly where the customers’ information is at all times, and who has access to it, and who has accessed it.

We do not under any circumstances allow anyone outside of ETHOS to access or use any of our customer information.

Customer information is kept on our server for a period of two (2) years, after which all is permanently deleted. However, customers may request the deletion of their personal information from our database at any time after they complete their study at ETHOS.

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