Public Speaking at ETHOS

Do you want people to take you seriously?

If you would like to improve your public speaking abilities then we have what you are looking for. Our American instructors have decades of experience in public speaking. They have also trained many people to be speakers.

Our material covers basic theories of public speaking. You will learn how to identify various types speeches. You will also study the importance of the voice and how it affects speech. Then you will systematically work through each phase of the speech making process. You will learn how to analyze an occasion and audience. We will show you how to decide on a speech type and a topic that fits the occasion. You will learn how to make outlines and and use them as guides for your delivery.

Each public speaking class meeting, including the first one, will include a speaking assignment, and there will be numerous outside assignments. Because instructors provide written evaluations for every speaking assignment you are certain to make progress with every class you attend.

Be courageous and speak out! 

Remove “stage fright”, increase your confidence, develop a strong speaking voice, and learn how to create good lessons that will make a difference, because you have great ideas and opinions! You no longer need to be afraid to speak out! If you organize your thoughts, and speak with passion, you can make yourself heard! Never underestimate the power of a carefully worded statement delivered with passion, because YOU can influence the world around you! 

The public speaking course can be completed in six (6) weeks, with class meetings twice-a-week (Tuesday/Thursday), but it can also be completed quicker, in four (4) weeks, with class meetings three-times-a-week (Monday/Wednesday/Friday). Nonetheless, we need three (3) students to enroll in order to proceed with a new batch, and we will not allow more than six (6) students per batch.

This course is also one of our online “MASTER COURSES”, and can be MAN-TO-MAN or in a GROUP class.  

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